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Welcome to Fresh View Concepts!


How you market your company in this economy can make it or break it. We give you ideas to decide what would be best for your company.


The decision to take your marketing to the next level is an important one. Choosing a company to help is just as important.


We take the time to get to know your company and how it runs. This is how we tailor your marketing plan to fit your company and your budget.

About Us

We have the desire to see your business succeed! We provide sound marketing solutions that serve both new and established businesses. We believe that what is right for one company is not necessarily right for another. We customize your website and marketing plan to fit your company specifically. Here at Fresh View, we use the best tools and strategies available, and apply them to your specific marketing mix.

By working together, we can make your vision come to life! We offer a variety of services to implement a full marketing or business startup plan for you! Take your business to the next level! Contact us today to Get Started!

Fresh View Concepts is a website design and social media consulting business based out of Jacksonville, Florida, though we do business throughout the United States. We strive for only the best, and that passes on to our customers. All of our effort goes into each and everything we do!

Our Owner is a strong advocate for Downtown Jacksonville, being involved in such groups as: Downtown Council of Jacksonville, Adams Class Naval Ship Museum, and Dogs with KD (a group started by herself, website coming soon!)

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